The Author

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A note to my readers:

I created Walkabout out of a desire to travel as lightly as possible, and slim down my collection of hardcopy journals. Very quickly, I learned lesson number one of travel: wifi is a romanticism. Ultimately, I restructured this travel log away from its minimalist origins in favor of a new message emphasizing the How rather than the Where  of exploration. More than a journal, Walkabout is more a bread crumb trail of adventures and mishaps than anything else.

This August will mark 18 months of collective travel over the course of my Sophomore and Junior years (Yes, I do study). As an International Relations and Economics major/minor, the opportunity to take a semester in one of the most dynamic regions of the world was one I couldn’t pass up, even if it means leaving the my mountains (pictured above). Well aware that most college athletes aren’t often allowed even semester to go explore, my first experiences in Turkey were not taken for granted. I came home for a brief span of about two weeks before taking off to intern/study in France over the summer and returned in time for the Fall Collegiate Athletics Season. Despite vowing to myself that I would take a ‘rest year’ in the states, after only a week after pre-season trainings (three weeks total in-country) I began *hypothetically* planning the ways I *might* relocate myself to Morocco. So… some paperwork here, some letters of recommendation there, a nearly full suitcase plus a tendency to smile too much, and I left—again.

Thank you to my parents, whom I told only with only few weeks notice prior to my departure, and for their support in spite of all prevailing confusion. I’d would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to my coaches for their understanding my early ‘retirement’ in order to move to Africa temporarily. And lastly, to my closest friends who encouraged me to take one more round glob trotting. With that said…

Welcome to my Walkabout!


P.S. All of the photography on the site is done by me so… with all my nonexistent authority, I do ask that you refrain from stealing it without reference to its author. Cheers.

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