The Visa Process

  • Obtaining a Student Visa
    • Do this in the States, before you go @ your nearest Turkish embassy. Rules are constantly changing so I won’t go into major details bc they may be obsolete by the time you need this but here are some helpful links.
    • Necessary to enter & obtain a Residence Permit.
  • Obtaining a 90 day Multiple-Entry Tourist e-Visa
    • Allows you to travel to other countries during your stay here within a 90 day interval
    • Technically, if you overstay, it is illegal and there are fines which increase for each day beyond the 90. This counts only days spent within the borders of the country. Time traveled outside of TR (during the valid period of the visa) will be deducted.
    • For me this only posed a problem in two instances:
      • 1. When trying to visit the Greek island Melios from the Turkish coast after I had exceeded my time by 8 days.
      • 2. When trying to compete in the Turkish Track Championships.
      • Note: Exiting the country, I was asked for my residence permit, after the official noted that my 90 day tourist visa had expired. I handed over my student (rather than residence) card and spoke only in the little Turkish I knew. Waved through without fee. 🙂 However, I do know others though who were less lucky. If you go this route, it’s a gamble.

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