Student Cards

  • Student Transportation Card
    • 10 TL to register, but once you have it transportation is about half the cost it would be otherwise. Also, go to Karakoy in person. If the Study Abroad Office says they’re taking a trip ‘tomorrow’ with all of the forms DO NOT succumb to temptation to this seemingly reasonable offer like I did. It will be weeks. You are on Turkish time now.
    • Take bus 43R leaving from across the South Gate. A few doors south of the mini liquor shop.
  • Boğaziçi Student Card
    • This you do not have to apply for but know that it will also be weeks before you will receive it. Opportunities  including student discounts ‘oğrenci indirim,’ admission to BÜ parties, and museum card registration available to you once you have this card. If you do not, you will be asked for you Student Transportation Card (which may take awhile to arrive) or your Admission Letter as proof. Make the Transportation Card your first priority. There’s nothing you do to speed up the process with the Student Card. Also, once you get your student card there are two cafeterias (one on North Campus, one on South Campus) where you can eat a full meal plus dessert for 1.50 TL.
    • Loading the Student Card:  (a small process, but not too bad).
      • Can  only be loaded at the green Granata ATM’s
      • Regardless of whatever instructions they give you press 9 first, and it will translate everything into English.
      • You can only load the card with cash, but they do give back change.
      • Don’t put more than 40 or 50 TL on the card. That amount will carry you far. It’s also only valid at the two Cafeteria’s.
  • Museum Card
    • Free admission to Museums, Ruins, and National Parks. (Hagia Sophia, Dolmabache, etc.) Will save you a ton of money!
    • Works outside of Istanbul
    • With proof of your enrollment (Acceptance Letter, Student ID, Student Bus Card) go to any major historic site and ask to buy.
    • Initial cost 20 TL
    • The Hagia Sophia is most commonly referenced as a place to go buy this, but the Rumeli Hisar Fort is just down the hill from the University. I think I even bought mine in Pamukkale. It works just about everywhere.

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