• Flights
    • Atatürk International Airport.
      • Best to fly into for your first time as it will save you crossing the Marmara
    • Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport
      • Great for domestic flights ( Pegasus, Onur Air, etc.)
      • Sometimes cheaper than Atatürk Airport, just research and see what’s best.
  • Transportation to/from Airport
    • 1) Havataş Shuttle:
      • 14 TL fare one way
      • Closest stops are Taksim (if coming from Atatürk) or Levent (from Sabiha)
      • Options from Taksim:
        • Havataş + Metro. Havataş will likely drop you off in front of The Point hotel. Walk sw to the restaurant on the corner, turn right and go north a block until you see the open square with the statue in the center. The metro entrance is down a randomly placed escalator on the northern side of the square. Just ask. People are nice. 🙂
        • Metro the remainder to Boğaziçi. (M2 to Levant, M6 to Boğaziçi).
      • HavataşTaxi. A fare from Taksim should be no more than 25 TL
    • 2) Metro (from Airport to Boğaziçi)
      • From Atatürk take M1a, at end of line change to Yenıkapı M2, get off at Levant & change to M6 line. Arrive in Hisarüstü (neighborhood of Boğaziçi).
    • 3) Taxi (from Airport to Boğaziçi)
      • Ridiculously expensive, especially as you will be right off the plane with all of your luggage. While this option will take you from A to B with minimal thought, expect to be charged blind if you take this option.
      • If you do decide to try this method, make sure you have a flight that lands in daylight.
    • 4) What I did: taxied Sultanahmet region, spent a night there to collect myself and bused the rest of the way.
      • Note: To access any public services (metro, bus, public restrooms if you find one) you will need an ‘Istanbulkart’ which cost 7 TL to buy plus whatever amount you fill the card with.

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