Course Registration

  • Registering for Classes
    • Select your courses.
    1. When planning your courses don’t plan too closely in advance, as they drastically change from semester to semester.
    2. Bogaziçi Website:
    3. To find available courses
      1. select “English” next to the search bar
      2. select “Students” on the side bar which will take you here:
      3. Select the blue “Registration” Box
      4. To get into anything listed under students you will need your login information given a scrap of paper that looks like this [____] but if you look under General Services you can find the schedule. If the link has yet to might change by the time you need this, you will find it here:
    4. Have all of your course to logged into the server on the dot. If they say 10:00, be logged in, have your course typed in the boxes, and the cursor over “Quick Add” because classes fill up within minutes.
    5. For the courses that are accepted, click “Send to Approval” to officially add the course.
    6. For those that are rejected, don’t worry. Send a consent form (available on the page) and wait for an e-mail back. If none comes, sit in the class you want anyway, and add it on the second round of add/drops the second week of the semester. Nothing is ever set in stone, and if you need the course there are always ways.

  • BEWARE: So help you God should you mistaken something within the double approval system. Upon finding an error with my schedule in the beginning and after the add/drop, I submitted an e-petition to fix the problem. Nothing happened, but I learned later that the course in question would only count against my GPA and be considered a duplicate course at my home college. Fixed the problem on the assigned withdrawal date in April. Going into spring break, I receive an e-mail stating that my e-petition has cleared. I spent the last months of classes trying to force a second petition paper through the correct chain of approvals in order to right my schedule, an issue that is literally solvable in minutes with the punch of a few buttons. The problem was not officially solved until I left Turkey which meant that I had to take an exam for a course I’d been attending all year before and ‘skip’ another that was had been falsely added. Very stressful. It worked out in the end, but as a perfectionist I was dying inside.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.48.43 PM

Yes. They’ve actually made a flow chart for this. Don’t forget about the language barrier, the fact that no one is ever in their office, and its a 50 % chance that your e-mails will be answered.

  • My advice to you: watch out. It’s a broken system.

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