• Nepal Travel Tips: 

    • Do not expect toilet paper to be available
    • Be prepared not to have water to drink or shower with
    • Have something that can act as a portable hook. You want nothing touching the ground.
      • ex. Changing is very difficult with a pack, towel, clothes, awkwardly placed spicketts water and poorly planned squatters in the outhouses you will at some point be forced to use.
    • Shower shoes. Always.
    • Trust only your own soap. Trust only your own towel.
    • Street signs don’t exist. At least not in English.
      • However, the addresses for each of the garage based stores is listed (in english) beneath each of the overhead store signs. Use these to find out which street you’re on.
    • Maps are not readily available.
      • can be found at specialty stores or upon first arrival. Get one while you can
    • Be able to differentiate the signs of heatstroke and bacteria-based sickness
    • Hand sanitizer & wipes
      • Hand Sanitizer
        • Pros: very portable, airplane legal.
        • Cons: every time you use hand sanitizer you actually open your pores, which, while you are temporarily rid of bacteria, more susceptible to collecting and ‘absorbing’ more.
      • Disinfecting Wipes
        • Pros: versatility; can be used in place of a shower, to remove make-up, to disinfect a suspect surface, can be reused if rewetted, and has less of a ‘pore-opening’ effect than hand sanitizer
        • Cons: trash, sometimes less space efficient
    • Baby Powder
      • Keeps hair from looking overly greasy, helps hiking boots smell better, helps chafing from gear
    • Buffs/Bandanas,, endlessly versatile
      • Pollution Protection: you’ll notice within the city that nearly everyone keeps their nose and mouth covered. There is a reason.
      • Hides greasy hair.
      • Wind guard
      • Helmet liner
      • Packing divide
      • I also use mine as an impromptu top, sports bra, swimsuit, ect. very useful and doesn’t even need to be packed bc you can tie it to the outside of your pack.
      • Sunglasses: for dust, wind, and sun
    • Wide scarf, thin material
      • sun protection, head wrap, packing compartment, swim suit cover-up
    • Because clean water is of low availability, do laundry/wash anything you need to whenever possible
      • Be sure to account for extra drying time, extremely humid
      • Travel laundry gadgets= ……
    • Benadryl Itch cream. #Mosquitoes
    • Things that ARE surprisingly available (within the city, esp. Thamel district): all sorts of camping gear imaginable, toiletries, camping snacks, ridiculously cheap dried fruit, granola, and oreos 🙂
    • Waterproof ≠ Water Resistant. This is one of the few pieces of advice I learned the right way, not by error.
    • SSS (shower, shit, shave) when you can, because it’s a long interval in between chances
    • Carabiner x2 for packing purposes, clipping water bottles, etc. If you’re doing climbing or another sport that implicitly uses carabiners obviously account for however many you need there.
    • Basics: knife/leatherman, lighter, mini clippable concentrated beam flashlight, headlamp
    • Portable charger, a phone plan with data, emergency numbers, embassy contact info, personal identification +/or copies ON YOUR PERSON
    • camera, correct charger/adapter per country
    • Bring the chargers of all the destinations on your route (including layover places)!
    • First Aid: ….
    • Toiletries: ….

    Don’t bring a pair of shoes you can’t walk for miles in. This applies even to flip flops.

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