Budapest Trip Notes

  • Flight Notes:
    • Departure & return regulations not always the same
      • 300 ml liquids going, 100 ml returning
      • carry-on plus purse going, but only one bag returning
    • WizzAir extremely picky, money grabbing
    • Print your check in boarding pass for both ways before you even go on the trip.
    • No to belts, hard-to-remove-scarves, excessive jewelry and yes to easily removeable shoes.

  • Packing
    • Didn’t Need:
      Packing. Lighter and lighter  each time!

      Packing. Lighter and lighter each time!

      • 3 mini to-do note book
      • 3rd pair of pants
      • Homework 😉
      • second pair of warmer boots
      • jewelry
    • Wish I had:
      • more journal pens
      • a currency converter app
      • A european charger adapter
      • make-up foundation
      • soap
      • shower shoes
      • non-athletic jacket that was warm that I could wear out as well
      • something to clean my boots with. (Winter traveling only)
      • backpacker’s pack addendum on top +/or straps to imitate
      • a watch
      • a compass
      • quick-dry towel!

  • Insights:
    • A stylish/functional leather jacket will take you everywhere and keep you warm
    • Start the trip clean, with washed hair. You never know how long it will be. (One of the few things I learned the right way haha)
    • Keep your vitamins easily reachable. Otherwise, you just won’t take them.
    • Be conscientious of water.
    • Leave space for souvenirs!
    • Also…Don’t buy useless souvenirs!

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