Amsterdam Trip Details

  • Flight Info
    • Onur Airlines
      • no layovers
      • 4-5 hour flight
    • 176 euros round-trip
      • However, this flight was booked only  few days before leaving due a last minute exam schedule change. Ideally, one would book this sooner, but I still had friends who had paid more even with a reservation in advance. It all depends.
  • Directions (To Atatürk Airport from Boğaziçi University)
    • 1. Bus to Levant
    • 2. Metro to Yenakapı (Change station)
    • 3. Look for “Atatürk Havaalinı” signs. Switch metro lines. Atatürk will be the last stop.
    • Alternative: New Metro Line
      • Total commute time: 1 ½ hr.

How to get from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam West Centraal

  • Using a credit card, purchase a one way train ticket from one of the yellow kiosks in the airport.
  • train ride takes only 15 or 20 minutes, but they do leave on time.
  • Trains come/go every 30 min.
    • *Far more important to be aware of this piece of infomation when returning to Turkey. If you miss this train, you miss your return flight.

A few Hostel Reviews…

  • Croyden: Nothing was stolen, and I had a bed. However, that’s the extent of my good praise for the hostel.
    • Last minute booking: ~ 100-180 for 3 nights
  • Durty Nellie’s: Good, clean, above a great pub with good music. Lots of amenities including reliable wifi, continental breakfast, sink in the hostel room w/ bathroom just in the hall. clean.
  • Christopher’s: Didn’t see the rooms, but the bar below had a good crowd, good music, very open space, and clean.

*** The Red Light District is extremely touristic which actually safeguards against at least some of the normal criminalities that normally accompany prostitution. The locals’ and much dingier/dangerous district is known as Blue Light. From what I’ve heard, safer by far to stay in the Red. Trip advisor will be your best friend.

  • Packing List:
    • Two pairs of boots, flip flops, flats (needed all but the flats)
    • 3 good pairs of socks

      My Holland Backpack.

    • Journal x2, ipad, french play, two HW notebooks
    • 1 sweatshirt, 1 T-shirt, pj’s, 3 going out tops (needed 2, used only one of the going out tops)
    • 3 pairs pants (used all)
    • 2 jackets (needed only one)
    • 2 scarves (needed both, so cold!)
    • toiletries.
  • What I wish I’d brought:
    • towel, rolled floss as opposed to pre-strung, face wipes, liquid body soap, a toiletries case that can be hung from a hook
  •  A Final Note:
    • temperatures in the 40’s actually are cold when you’re out in them all day & its ridiculously humid. Dress accordingly!


  • 4 Days (flight day, bike day, museum day, flight day)
  • Total=
    • $ 580.00 including flights, hostels, restaurants, transportation, drinks& recreation.
  • Definitely my splurge excursion of the entire semester, but was worth it to venture into Western Europe at least once 🙂


In sum, returning from Amsterdam fat, high, and happy. Wonderful trip!

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