• Apps
    • Photo Editors
    • News
      • The Economist Expresso
      • Al Jezeera, Al Monitor
      • AP News
      • BBC
    • Documents &Finance
      • Tiny scan app, syncs & keeps all important docs on all devices
      • Expensify
      • Venmo
    • Tickets & Travel
    • Navigation
      • Compass app
      • Here
      • Trafi
        • *Tip: Look up whatever the public transportation map is for the city you plan on traveling to (ie. metro map, bus routes, etc.)
      • Megabus
      • Ryanair (Many discount airlines won’t you use a digital boarding pass unless it is through their app)
      • Rail Planner (great if you are backpacking Europe)
      • Uber
    • Language
      • Word power
      • Turkish
      • Babble
      • Brava lol
    • Safety
    • Communication & Entertainment
      • FB Messenger
      • WhatsApp
      • Swarm
      • Instagram
      • Flipboard : Organizes daily news from a wide range of sources (ie. New York Times, The Economist, Al Monitor, etc.) and places your selected topic/region-relevant articles single forum.
      • Hotspot VPN (not sure if there is a fee associated with the one now, but essentially, altering the VPN of any device to display that you are in another location will let you access programs, music, and news which is either banned or not offered while you are traveling.

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