Trip Notes




MONTPELLIER_FRANCE(*inactive link)


BARCELONA_SPAIN(*inactive link)

  • Apps
    • Photo Editors
      • After light
      • Vsco cam
    • News
      • The Economist Expresso
      • Al Jezeera
      • AP News
      • BBC
    • Documents &Finance
      • Tiny scan app, syncs & keeps all important docs on all devices
    • Navigation
    • Language
      • Word power
      • Turkish
      • Babble
      • Brava lol
    • Safety
    • Communication
      • WhatsApp
      • FB Messenger
      • Swarm
      • el monitor
  • Overlooked Items
    1. Toilettres
      1. Shower shoes
      2. Quick dry towel
      3. Dr. Bronner’s soap, castille (Backpacker’s soap, can wash hair, body, face, with same soap)
      4. Baby Powder
      5. Sugar Scrub, works in place of lotion even in dry climates
      6. Have two sets of travel containers: one set for short short short trips, the other for > 1 wk
    1. First Aid
    1. Gadgets & Tech.
      1. Aux cord
      2. Portable charger, (available via Urban)
      3. Adapters for chargers
        1. Note:Turkish outlets do semi work in Hungary/Eastern Europe
        2. Can either do all continents-in-one or interchangeable. Benefit of the former is that you’re never caught without the right country although you can often travel lighter with the interchangeable’s.
      4. Credit Card block reader holders
      5. Buffs/Bandanas
    1. For the Backpacker
      1. either a Large & small water bottle -OR- a themes with sharable cap & small water bottle
        1. for camping, suggest the latter option
        2. for daytrips within cities +/or third world places, I suggest the former. Fill both, keep one for electorolyte mixtures/medical powders, pribiotic purifyers etc. the other just for hydration
      2. Pack Ties
      3. Carribeaner x2
        1. useful even on non-camping trips
      4. Lighter
      5. Pocket Knife or Leatherman
  • Advice
    1. The Bathroom Situation:
      1. Accept squatters
      2. Depending on the region, keep your own toilet paper on hand
      3. Hand sanitizer
      4. Be ready to pay for public restrooms ( no more than 50cents typically)
    1. Acquire gadgets before you go & fabrics once you’re there.
      1. Better to be prepared with strange devices you can’t often find than clothing. You will want to buy clothing once your there anyway as it will likely be better fitting for the culture and climate than what you might predict.
      2. A note on Camping gear; cheap and abundant in Nepal, more expensive in Istanbul and Europe.
    1. Before you go, wash your clothes In vinegar.
      1. This helps set the colors as they’ll likely undergo a beating as you travel. Also will be washing in a wide number of conditions. Will keep them from running in the future.
    1. If you are there for a specific reason… Physically find the building AND the room!
      1. Don’t rely confidant advice giver, no matter how confidently they say “200m and then left.”
    1. You Don’t need much. Think like your packing a bag to going swimming for the afternoon.
      1. Toiletries, swim suit, full change of clothes. Now add one change of clothes, and maybe a dinner outfit and your set for the whole weekend.
      2. Exception! Don’t expect to buy clothes in beachy places. Bougie, overpriced and you don’t need much so you likely have all that you need already
    1. Hostels:
      1. ear plus & eye patches, & iPod, but you’ll fall asleep no matter what if your traveling right
      2. For hostel traveling, only bring what you could comfortably keep and sleep with on a top bunk.
      3. Basic necessities are not provided.
        1. shower shoes!
        2. Towel!
        3. basic amenities, (shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
        4. TSA lock for your bag + lock for whatever locker the room might have. 5 euros saved.
      4. So much better than hotels because they are cheaper, more social, and often have events if your traveling in a party city.
      5. Should go without saying but… never stay in a hostel if your over 35 yrs. old
    1. Packing Tips:
      1. Never underestimate the importance of the mini bag & zippered pockets on your person.
      2. Compartmentalize your pack.
      3. Extra plastic bags for dirty/wet gear clothes.
      4. Collect shower caps to wrap shoes in for suitcase.
      5. Don’t skimp on the quality of your toiletries.
        1. You can cut corners for the sake of traveling light on a lot of fronts, but you will enjoy you time so much more if you don’t shortcut hygiene. (You also won’t get sick as much.) Still only pack essentials, but pack what works.
        2. Soap options
          1. Dr. Bronner’s castille/ Backpacker’s go to
          2. Liquid, stores easily in travel container
          3. Tin Container Bar Soap
      6. PJ’s on top w/tooth brush& towel. No exceptions.
      7. This will save you so much angst, especially when you arrive at some ungodly hour in a foreign hostel. Nothing worse than having to dump the entire contents of your perfectly stuffed pack all over the bed just to find that your sleeping clothes are at the bottom.
      1. Mini travel folder for important docs, AND copies of all important documents. (Keep a scanned version of all the below listed documents on each of your devices as well)
        1. Passport Page
        2. Visa
        3. Residence/ Work Permit
        4. Flight Information
        5. Trip Itinerary
        6. Insurance Information
        7. Acceptance Letter, (If you are a student studying abroad)
        8. Confirmation E-mails, if necessary
        9. Written address of where you are trying to go &/or Business card
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Keep a running list of wifi passwords
    2. While many places take credit cards, be ready to encounter machines that do not take cards without a pin number.
      1. Encountered this on the Anatolia side of Istanbul a lot as well as in my travels further east into Asia.
    3. A word about cheap perfume: Sometimes it’s better than nothing. Sometimes worse. The risk is yours. You’ve been warned.
    4. Know Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier BY HEART. Put on the spot if you don’t 😉

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