Taxis: Petite ou Grande?

Petite Taxis: AUI gates to le marché = 12 Dh, AUI gates to Grand Taxi station = 15 Dh

Grand Taxis: Ifrane Station to Meknés or Fez ≈ 30-40 Dh per person (6 people per taxi)

While it is possible to take Grand Taxis to/from Ifrane, it will likely only be worth it if you travel with a ‘pre-formed’ group of 6 and maybe have a driver you know ahead of time. There are two types of grand taxis: the new and the old. And there is a HUGE difference between them haha. Regardless, you will always make it, مشيئة الله .

Tip 1: Taxis are rare, but not unavailable after 2:00 am. This is another reason why its good to have a few number on hand. If you do find yourself without a taxi in the middle of the night, walk your *sober ass from the bar the back entrance to Hotel Tilleuls to the entryway of the Grand Hotel Ifrane (GH). Out the door, down the street and to the right:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.41.15 PM

Tip 2: There is a clear etiquette to taxi territories. For example, in Ifrane the petite taxis will cover everything in town. Grande taxis are the only available to take you to other towns. Until very recently, grande taxis could not pick up students at the AUI gate.(* See notes on Taxi Turf Wars.) However, in Rabat

Tip 3: There is a queue. This will seem obvious after a few times, but if your from a small town and this is your first time using any form of public trans, just know this exists. Taxi parked furthest in front in the one available to you. First come, first serve basis of course.

Tip 4: If you take a taxi ride from someone you like and trust, get their number. They won’t be surprised if you ask for it. In fact, they’ll be happy for the business. If you are just arriving, here is number of someone my friend routinely uses: Hassan Atondi: 06 74 31 17 55. It is possible to make it through the semester without having a cab driver saved in your phone but it is much better to have one. Speaking of, you should do your best to manage the phone situation fairly quickly. Again, not everyone has one, but your life will be infinitely easier if you do.