Spring Break Planning

People will start planning for spring break sometimes over a month away. Don’t panic! There are so many clubs hosting various trips to the desert, the south, surfing, hiking, etc. that you will not be at a loss for what to do.

It is also very common for people to drift to Spain for the week, because it is so close. If you do choose to go with an AUI group, note that all trips are coordinated not by the administration, but by the leaders of whichever club is promoting themselves and their event. The success of their spring break trip doubles as good PR for them, so most are very well organized. Sign ups are informal (usually by word of mouth, posters, etc.) , but you can (and should) visit the Athletics Office in the upstairs of Building 14.

One last note: If you think you will be unable to make it to the Sahara Desert at any other point during the semester, this is definitely worth it BUT if can schedule a time when 70 of your class mates aren’t going, your experience will be so much better.

Personally, I went surfing with the Nautical club, and then took off on a road trip with a few friends to Mirleft. Best spring break of my life. Not biased but…. if you want to find the Nautical Club, click here!