Pam (la nom de la quartier within Ifrane), one in le maché ,  one in Timidikin. Price ≈ 15 Dh + 5 Dh for soap + a few Dh’s for a mat. Self scrub. Wash buckets provided. Three tiered sauna (mild, medium, and hot conjoined steam rooms). Sandals, don’t be ocd about hygiene, and go with a Moroccan friend because Hama experiences are just better that way🙂.

You can pay more for the spa/Hamam at GH (Grand Hotel) dans le centre ville or splurge and go to a full service Hamam, (or even better a Turkish-Moroccan blended Hamam) when you are in the city (typically Casablanca or Rabat). Price ≈ 100 Dh (or ≈ $10)

It’s worth it to experience both, but probably more hygienic to pay the $10 at a spa.

P.S. The photo above is actually in Rabat, no where near Ifrane. Thought it looked refreshing- like you’ll feel after the Hamam. Westerners, just get over the nakedness; it’s only a body.