Course Registration: If you’re an exchange student, they hold your hand. Don’t worry.

Student Cards: Protect it. Cost of replacement is not worth it. And neither the cafés (Cafette or Sodexo) nor campus restaurants (The Grill or the International Resto) will accept cash. Re-fillable at the Business Office by cash in Building 2.

Lost and Found: See if something is lost. Doggedly visit Security on the ground floor of  Building 9 repeatedly until they get tired of seeing your face. Also, file a description claim (even if they say it is not necessary).

IF you are as unlucky a soul as myself, and your Residency Card (Carte du Sejour) should be stolen, you need to file this with the police (Abderrafie can help you). If you fail to file the report, you are subject to bigggg fines upon leaving Morocco.