A moment to speak on behalf of — and in respect of— the wind. Finally visited Hallgrìmskinkja , the famous reykjavik church architecturally inspired by the great geysirs one can find throughout the country. At the top there is a viewing point which allows one to see the entire city. Woke up to find that rain through the night had melted nearly all of the snow, which — aside from being demoralizing for a country like Iceland in December— is also very bad for visibility, photography, and just about anything outdoors. Started to walk to a cafe, but changed pace as soon as I arrived at the door because I realized that this would probably be the brightest hour of the day.

Only truly realized how strong the wind was when I turned to  back up the hill. I’m not  exactly un-accustomed to wind storms, but it was the first my feet were ever dragged in the air between my steps. Then again, in high school, I would have simply stayed indoors. Often went to bed watching the glass windows in my bedroom flex against the strain of the wind. There are even jokes that the early settlers of my hometown claimed ‘they would leave when the wind died down.’ (Consequently, the town was created because ‘the wind never stopped.’ Clichéd story, I know. Had To) One morning we even woke up to find that wind through the night had dragged bbq from the patio through the yard. With that being said… it is still windier in Iceland. I remembered what Diana Bö, our former guide, said about one of the main causes of car repairs: the doors being torn off by bad weather.

I took a video, just for the sake of the sound of 42+ mph at  73 m (244 feet) high.  Note: there is zero background noise interference. It’s simply windy.


Below,  is a photo I *tried* to take. The lack of quality isn’t due to the camera or the setting, but the fact that it was so windy I couldn’t stabilize the shot.


The window sill was too wet to set my camera down on, so standing on a step in the platform, I braced my elbows against the stone window cut-out which leveled it enough to take. Here is the clearer version of the Reykajivik panorama.


Everything else may have been canceled today, but I felt privileged to witness this. Braced in such a stalwart construction, it feels like a luxury to witness the power of nature so safely. More than happy to be in the midst of this.

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