The Golden Circle

The Gulfs Waterfall is to Iceland what the Fisheman’s Bastion was to Hungary in that seeing a single photo of either of these icons would be enough to inspire a trips to these locations.(For me, it did!)  Despite the limited visibility, the purity of the water and snow created surprisingly good conditions for photography.


We also visited the site of the original parliament meetings,  Þingvellir established in 930 AD, later dubbed as a UNESCO heritage site in . Leaders from around Iceland camped here for two weeks establishing legislature (a law needed to be memorized by the politician who proposed it three summers in a row for it to pass), for judicial activities. Formerly, it took approximately 17 days for various chieftains to make the trip on horseback.


The location also happens to be perched atop the continental puzzle pieces of North America and Europe and separates 2 cm each year.

To the Southwest of that tectonic juncture is  Þingvallavatn Lake, the largest lake in Iceland.

The junction of these plates within the lake is a popular place to scuba– in both summer and winter (didn’t know the last fact until several people in my hostel were planning to do so).


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In lieu of the decrees made during the annual parliamentary congregations, the range of corporal judgements decided upon would be carried out on the bank of a nearby river and minor waterfall.

No need to go into specifics, but the  brutality spilled over, so to speak, here:



By the way, below is a full frame version of the famous Gulfoss cascades featured at the top of this post:


On the return from Þingvellir,  stopped at the geyser. (Note: the actual geyser is about 100 m further from where the photos below were taken, but have yet to download those yet!)

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A successful day in my book, but as always, more to come!


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