Top 25 Travel Photos

The last two years have lead me through the Netherlands,
img_1520 Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, The Algerian Border, Nepal, The Tibetan border, The Indian Border, and Tajikistan.  I am extremely grateful for the
unparalleled freedoms traveling has allowed me, and for the now life-long friends I met along the way.

I have since celebrated my return by finally fixing the ACL/meniscus I blew out competing in a Rugby tournament in Morocco. The time I would typically devote to sports has been spent amassing  trip details, gear notes, and photography from each of my time abroad.

Below are 25 of my top photo’s from 2015-2016.

  1. From the most impressive architecture…


    Sultanahmet Camii, as known as The Blue Mosque, on the morning after the attempted coup. The mosque integrates both Byzantine and Ottoman design and was finished in 1616. It is still functioning. (Julia Jakus. Sultanahmet Camii. Istanbul, Turkey. 16.7.2016.)

2… to ruins.


Cartwheeling near Pamukkale. (Adriel Hsu. Ruins in Laödikya. Laödikya, Turkey. 7 March 2015)

3. From the densest downtown …


(Julia Jakus. Fez Medina. Fez, Morocco. 17.1.2016)

4. …to the most open desert.


Photo taken the morning after my twenty-first birthday. (Julia Jakus. Sunrise in the Sahara. Merzouga, Morocco 19.5.2016)

5. The Young.


We met Mckenzie Scott at a surfing beach near Taghazout in southern Morocco. She was backpacking solo, and was near out of money . She decided to open up a vegan expresso shop where she landed. This was both her shop and her home when we met her. Thank you Mckenzie for the wonderful afternoon- and the expresso! (Julia Jakus. Legendary. Beach Expresso Bar near Taghazout. March 2015)

6. The Old.


Woman having tea outside the Spice Bazare on a stool facing the Rüstem Paşa Mosque. Permission was received before taking this photo. A moment before she beamed in flattery, but posed stoically for her portrait. As soon as the picture was taken, she smiled ear to ear again. (Julia Jakus. Rüstem Paşa Woman. Sultanahmet-Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. February 2015)

7. The Ancient.


A “side gate” to the King’s Residential Palace. (Julia Jakus. A Hole in the Wall. Meknès, Morocco. 25.1.2016)

8. The Modern.


An elaborate side entrance to Gaudi’s unfinished cathedral.The last two-three times I visited Spain I was unable to see this architectural gem, but made it on my final visit just two and half hours before my flight.  (Julia Jakus. Sangrada de Familia. Barcelona, Spain. June 2016)

9. There’s a good chance your sunset might be cluttered with litter…

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.11.21 AM

(Julia Jakus. Plastic Sunsets. Rabat, Morocco.30.1.2016)

10. … after litter.img_0693

11. But there’s no real harm in looking down,


Climbed here on a torn ACL with a group of climber-guys from Colorado who I met on a pub crawl the night before. Side-note: we also did the hike from 12:00 am-2:30 am and woke up here. For the rest of the story see Montserrat Monastery.

12. …Looking up.


Took this photo just before my first hot air balloon ride. For more photography from this shoot, see Cappadocia. (Julia Jakus. Up in Flames. Cappadocia, Turkey. 7.Feb.2015)

14. … and checking over your shoulder every once in a while.


As the central city hub, it is not entirely unusual for this district to absorb boiling emotions  in support or critique of political causes, football matches, and in the case above, demonstrations of hyper-nationalism. (Julia Jakus. Troubled Taksim. Taksim Istanbul, Turkey. 19.7.2016)

15. It may take mountains…


Photo taken near our camp sight after collecting 28 fish from the nets we set the night before. (Julia Jakus. Central Asia or Switzerland? Penjukant, Tajiksitan. 9.July.2016)

16. … to reflect on the things you sail away from:


While working/interning/studying in France briefly, I would often take my writings to bars after work. I saw this on my walk home. P.S. The sunset was on my actual port-side. *Left* if anyone is wondering! (Julia Jakus. Portside Sunsets. Le Lavandou, France. 28.6.2015)

17. Like your home,


Although I grew up not too far from here, I included this amongst my travel photos because I spend comparatively less time my own mountains than in foreign ones. Still, this is a place I make sure to visit each time I come home. (Julia Jakus. Winter Waters. Zion National Park, Springdale,  UT  USA. 23.12.2015)

18. … Or maybe yourself.


Selfie taken beside a river in Varsob, Tajikistan near Dushanbe.

17. But most importantly, don’t forget to look forward.


Surf instructor taking a break from the waves for lunch. (Julia Jakus. Zinc! Near Taghazout, Morocco. 2016)

18. So, get over that big headedness.


I have a friend named Abdul who took great pride in two things: how he wore his favorite deep blue head-scarf, and the condition of his camels. This is one of his happy camels. (Julia Jakus. “Good Morning Sunshine.”  Sahara Desert near Erfoud/Merzouga. 18.5.2016)

19. Don’t wait until your cold, before you dip your toes in the water.


Above is a cremation ceremony just outside the Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu. Typically, the bodies are wrapped in the bright gold fabric pictured, and then dipped in the Bagmati river. Afterward, each individual is moved to cement platforms where a pyre where is being fanned and maintained for cremations. The people on the steps are close relatives of those who will be burned today, although each ceremony is public. The temple is about 5 miles north of the main Kathmandu Valley on the Eastern side of the city.  (Julia Jakus. Cremation at Pashupatinath Temple. Kathmandu, Nepal. 22.4.2015)

20.  Enjoy the peace (even if the mosquitoes won’t let you have any).


21. Thank your friends for being your oasis.


22. Divinely dance around your apartment in a bedsheet if you feel like it.


23. Hope your stomach, can handle the food carts!


(Julia Jakus. Roasting Chestnuts in Taksim. Istanbul, Turkey. February 2015)

24. Indulge in your tangents. (Exhibit A: “When life gives you lemons… Tarts! No-Lemonade! Beyoncé Album!) Mission accomplished.


(Julia Jakus. Writing with the Rind. Montpellier, Languedoc France. 28.7.2015)

25. Lastly, don’t just take pictures when on vacation. Enjoy beauty everywhere you go.


When I took this photo, I was actually making fun of my mother for always taking photos. These are her hands pictured above. In actuality, why should we seek to capture the essence of ‘other’ places, and not the places where we live? (Julia Jakus. Waterman’s. Rockhall, Maryland USA. 18.10.2015)

Thanks for reading!


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