Day 3: IPSA World Congress, Poznań

Over the last seven months, I’ve been conducting research for the bi-annual IPSA World Congress which is being held now. A wonderfully organized experience, if not bittersweet as all hearts are with the three coordinating Turkish political scientists who are unable to attend the conference (which they were initially set to host) due to government sanctions imposed on them. The entire function of the forum, international intellectual collaboration, is made all the more evident by their absence. The “State-of-Emergency” sanctions implemented as of July 21st are a blatant abuse of administrative power, which has not been overlooked by the international community.

This is the Turkey that I know:

Not this one:

The geo-politicalscape may be changing by the day, there are two routes impermanence can take. The fact that nothing is set in stone, means that things may still be re-write-able before its too late.

Share your experience!

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