Sporadic memories, misplaced associations,  and various scenes from books. At one moment, the way the camel caravan had nestled in the sand reminded me of penguins huddled in the antarctic. The next, I had the sensation of being in the middle of an ocean cartographed by sand swells. The only aspect that broke the continuity of my imagination was the absence of life beneath these grainy waves.

My mental wanderings today resembled cracked and windblown leaves. In literature, imagery of Autumn foreshadows things are winding to a close. Even though its been a long while since I’ve had the leisure time to read anything that might employ such imagery, I bent the reality of my own little world instead. Pouring all of the Sahara into one massive hour glass, and letting it sift into a single colossal dune. The truth is: I am running out of time, and I am plagued by it.  I haven’t even figured out where I’m living after the semester ends in a few weeks, or what countries I will go to, or who I’ll stay with, if my funds will last me through August, or if I need surgery on my leg or not.

(Nora collage: That’s what you get for being photogenic and on the camel immediately in front of me haha:) )

At the same time, I enjoy it when the “walls of the game” move. In that sense, Morocco has been the ultimate test because I’ve been scrambling to find my next move the moment before making it. I’m not sure when I fell in love with Morocco, but I did. And I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave.

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