Days 12-16: Cappadoccia

Mentally fumbling around to  recover my itinerary for these past few days… When not left to my own devices, it’s incredibly easy to sink into a very ‘Turkish’ rhythm. You are always moving, always going someplace or enjoying something, but there is a distinct leisure about it makes time move very slowly. It’s a bit of a phantom leisure actually, because it’s not time that could be spent productively elsewhere, and therefore not entirely leisure. Time is simply different. Time is Turkish. While the exact details of our itinerary between each of the 13hr. drives to and then from Cappadocia have muddled together, I’ve mentally stored these memories into a unit resembling one lovely, exotic mess.

Below are a sample of the photos, somewhat categorized. Between my dead camera battery at the end of the trip & logistics, I wasn’t able to really photograph everything. Gaps set aside, here’s what I documented:

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In addition to the balloons, we also took a brief hike, visited our first Turkish Bath, were introduced to our first ‘Turkish Night,” skipped through a precious gem/jewelry museum, and a number of other beautiful places whose names I either can’t pronounce, can’t remember, or can’t spell. Great experience overall!

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This is entirely irrelevant but, after we got out of a tour from an underground Hittite city there was a small stand of a shop selling trinkets where I found a cheap rubrics cube. Kept me busy on the bus to all of these different places. I have yet to solve, but a photo of the friend who did:


Big accomplishments of the trip 🙂 I plan on going back in the spring to see photograph the difference in landscape.

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